Waverly’s: The Story of a Family, Faith, and a Coffee Shop


So I wrote a book.  I’m not great at self promotion, but it was worth writing down if it makes just one person challenge the default setting of work, family, and faith.  It is the story of one tile on a grand mosaic, how we understand the larger mystery of God by inquiring into the tidbits and glimpses we are allowed.

The book also includes recipes that we use in the store, including the chicken salad and easy ways to replicate our homemade syrups.

It is available in our store, or online via Amazon.com.  You can search in the site for it (“Waverly’s coffee,”  “Waverly’s Sean Grose,” etc.) or by the link below.  You can also get it in digital format for your Kindle.

Click here for the Amazon link.

I do hope you enjoy!